Current make-up favourites

OK, ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to be blogging about beauty. But I don’t know if this post counts. It’s just a quick summary of stuff I’m liking at the moment. No swatches, no fancy photos, no press releases, no PR samples.

I guess I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least mention makeup once in a while, right?


First up. Caudalie Eau de Beaute Elixir. I’m aware that this is prohibitively expensive and you could probably knock up something similar in your kitchen with a spray bottle, some water and mint (sticky-back plastic optional). But I still love it, and have repeat purchased it many times.

Next, primer. I’m a bit obsessed with primer and usually have a couple in rotation. I like Illamasqua Hydra Veil for the winter, and YSL Touché Eclat gel blur for the summer but the other day I was looking for something to make up the numbers in a Boots 3-for-2 and thought I’d give this a go.

Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot. I prefer matte skin to anything too glowy and stone me, this is pretty good. It’s not as slippery as some primers and I’ve definitely noticed less oxidisation as the day goes on, and equally good staying power than if I’ve used one of the more expensive brands. Nice work.

Concealer. I don’t use a lot of concealer but I do like something to whack on my purple eye bags. I grabbed this Cover FX concealer in my last visit to Sephora, not really knowing a lot about the brand but wanting something heavy duty. This stuff does not cake, and it doesn’t budge once it’s dry either. I’m lucky enough not to have had any spots to test it out on, but it’s far and away the best concealer I’ve tried in terms of toning down dark circles. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

I think I have quite a lot of brand loyalty when it comes to foundation. It would take a lot to sway me from my beloved Dior, to be honest. I’ve wasted more money on Rimmel, L’Oreal etc that have been used once then tossed, than a bottle of this would cost me.i held my breath when I heard that Dior were tinkering with the formula of Forever but hallelujah! It’s better then ever. Matte, a good colour match for me, goes on beautifully, stays put, and takes powder well. The only niggle is that you can’t unscrew the top, so once the pump stops pulling up any product, you can’t open it up and scrape the rest out. Swizz.

Out of habit though, and due to too much time spent on public transport, I still use powder. I’ve been through a few in my time, but I always come back to this Sephora own-brand one. I prefer baked powders to pressed ones as the density means you get better coverage and less flying away into the air. I usually do my makeup at about 6am and never ever reapply it during the day. I’ve never been one of those girls you see queuing for the mirror in bars, maybe because I’m wearing so damn much at the start of the day.

Eye makeup is something that does change more regularly, probably due to the fact that I have a fairly sizeable collection, both from my days as a beauty blogger and because I am, essentially, a magpie.

First up, I couldn’t live without this DIY quad from Inglot. It contains (what’s left of) my favourite transition shades, and the best matte black I’ve ever found, which I use daily to blend out my eyeliner. I occasionally use the brown on my eyebrows too.

My newest toy is the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I do love a palette, to the point that I’ve recently depotted all of my Nars duos and singles so that I can see them all in one place.

I know there’s a lot of hype about this palette at the moment, but it’s justified. I’m really into warm shades and orange tones at the moment and you can do everything from more natural looks through to bolder, more colourful makeup. I never thought I could wear reds and pinks without looking like I had an eye infection, but this works perfectly.

My eyeliner of choice is Rimmel Scandaleyes. I’ve lost count of the number of these that I’ve been through, and I have a permanent stock of them in case it ever gets discontinued. It’s smooth, easy to blend, and stays put all day. Marvellous.

I do occasionally change my mascara – I’ve quite enjoyed Benefit Rollerlash recently – but this is the one I always return to – YSL Shocking. I know it’s a rip-off as it dries out so fast but it’s just brilliant. Gives you massive eyelashes with very little fuss, and is easy to remove as well.

As far as eyebrows go, I am lacking in this department, mainly due to being a teenager in the ’90s. Thanks to this little saviour, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, I can at least fake it. This little pot of wonder gel requires a steady and cautious hand during application but gives a fairly natural look when you get it right. Also, it survived a fortnight of sweating in 30c Florida humidity without shifting. I’ve used this almost every day for six months and am only 1/3 of the way through the pot.

I know the world has gone mad for highlighters recently. I’m not one for looking like a glow stick but this palette from Hourglass does it all for me. I’ve been using the bronzer and blusher daily for months, and use the top row of powders for a more natural cheekbone highlight. I know this palette is a complete cliche, and I dithered for ages over buying it, but I am so, so glad I did as it is an absolute staple in my collection now.

Finally, lipstick. I have always been terrified of brightly coloured lipstick and far prefer something more natural on me. I scare myself if I ever decide to use red, so tend not to. This is Crush, from the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills collection. My all time favourite is Pure Hollywood, as it is slightly more mauve toned, but that lives in my handbag, plus it’s dangerously near running out, so I’m trying to use my others. Despite what you might think, I’m quite lazy once I’ve done my makeup and hate reapplication. I’ve found that these liquid lipsticks stay on for hours. Hurrah, maximum return for minimal fuss.

And, because it wouldn’t be a proper makeup post without them, here are a couple of (filterless) photos showing all of the above. It’s been a while since I’ve done an FOTD, be gentle!

There. A makeup post. Sorry if some of you found this boring, I’m sure I can think of something to rant about in my next instalment.


4 thoughts on “Current make-up favourites

  1. Tara July 9, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    I love make up posts! Mainly because I just can’t do make up without looking like I let a toddler do it so love looking at people who’ve done it properly! You look great


    • helenjnt July 9, 2016 / 9:02 pm

      Thankyou. It’s my one quiet moment of the day, when I get to sit and mess around with makeup.


  2. Rachael Peachey July 11, 2016 / 7:45 am

    I enjoy playing with make-up too, although i’m not as good as it as you are!

    Have you tried any of the Younique products yet?


    • helenjnt July 16, 2016 / 10:25 pm

      I haven’t tried Younique – I have so much I really don’t need to buy any more. Doesn’t stop me though!


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