A Commuter Carol

I know. It’s been ages. I am sorry. As usual I have had LOTS to say, and not a lot of time to say it in. 

However, here’s a little song I knocked up this morning, to be sung to the tune of Away In A Manger:
I’ll wait for a late train,

Wishing I was in bed.

Packed in like a sardine,

It makes me see red.
We’ve stopped for no reason.

The passengers whine.

Is it track or the signals?

Or leaves on the line?
The cattleclass are standing,

My feet they do ache.

The train manager’s absent,

No announcement he makes.
I loathe thee, Great Western,

I’ve been late every day.

Is the service improving?

I say no bloody way.
And the tubes, oh Jesus,

Full of sweat and grime.

The Circle takes forever,

It’s really a crime.
Bless all the dear commuters 

Just get us there. 

And pray for us daily,

For the trains are a mare.


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