Welcome to my blog.

I first started blogging back in 2009, where I was one half of the beauty blog Just Nice Things.

It was great fun, and I enjoyed many years eating cupcakes in swanky hotels, sharing a swimming pool with disgraced politicians, making friends and influencing people, and filling every spare corner of my house with bottles of nail polish and obscure blue eyeshadows.

However, I took some time out as the usual life excuses got in the way. I’ve recently decided that 140 characters on Twitter simply isn’t sufficient and so am dipping my toe in the water again.

This won’t be a beauty blog, although I can’t guarantee that there won’t be the odd review of something, hell, I’ve got to do something with all that makeup. I don’t want to classify myself as a lifestyle blogger or anything like that either. I very much doubt there’ll be any outfit of the day photos of me loitering by someone else’s front door, or arty flat-lay photos.

What else can I say about me?

I like:

Eyeliner. Rock music. Appalling puns. Coffeemate. My sofa. Holidays. Cats.

I dislike:

Following the in-crowd. Public transport. Liars. Coriander. Self-checkouts.






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